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  14. California section 925 right to counsel?
  15. Practical tips to hire new employees who may come loaded with trade secrets from their former employer (review their agreements, sign warranties and representations with indemnification, give new email, new computer, no use cloud, dropbox etc.)
  16. How to respond to a cease-and-desist letter demanding you to not hire an ex-employee
  17. A trade secret must have actual or potential value (what does potential value mean)?
  18. Overview of a trade secret protection program
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  20. How trade secrets are lost (through accidental or intentional disclosure)
  21. Why even have trade secrets at all? (my true story)
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  23. Trade secrets vs. other forms of intellectual property (trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, and patents)
  24. What is an employee non-solicitation agreement?
  25. The importance of an annual trade secret self-audit
  26. Common examples of trade secrets
  27. What does it mean to acquire trade secrets via improper methods?
  28. Are non-compete agreements enforceable in California?
  29. Creating a culture of awareness – the importance of ongoing education and training
  30. What do do when the joint venture turns to misappropriation of valuable secrets?
  31. Checklist: who to ensure reasonable steps are taken to ensure trade secrets are protected.
  32. California B&P 1660 and employee mobility, what you need to know!
  33. Ex parte seizures (when FRCP 65 is inadequate) and you have ample forensic evidence.  Extraordinary circumstances required.
  34. Bad faith wrongful seizure cases – overview by Attorney Steve
  35. When are NDA’s NOT ENFORCEABLE?
  36. Sharing secrets with third parties?  Make sure you have your agreements in order.
  37. What is the inevitable disclosure doctrine?
  38. Top law firm in the Trade secret space per LexMachina
  39. Attorney Fees available to defendants for “bad faith” prosecution
  40. The importance of pleadings, and the initial disclosure in trade secret cases

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